Tuxtla Gutierrez Travel Guide

foto 1The state capital of Chiapas is a business-friendly place where important government figures and entrepreneurs willing to invest in this wonderful state get together. Unlike the villages and little towns in the mountains that surround Tuxtla Gutierrez, it offers all the things a modern city should provide: luxurious or budget guestrooms, gourmet restaurants and markets where travelers may enjoy a delicious breakfast or dinner, private and public universities as well as hospitals, and of course, the main bus station which connects Tuxtla Gutierrez with San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque, both unique places full of history and beauty.

foto 3Tuxtla Gutierrez also provides its visitors with many options for having a good time. Visit the zoo, the different museums, beautiful gardens and public plazas, an impressive national park called Sumidero Canyon or, if you have the inkling, a couple of malls where locals and visitors go shopping. Despite its hot weather during part of the morning and afternoon, the evenings in Tuxtla get cooler and it becomes a good time to take a pleasant stroll through the city. Visit the beautiful Cathedral and other important buildings while being accompanied by the marimba music.

Being the governmental and cultural center of the state, Tuxtla Gutierrez presents the most beautiful handicrafts from the surrounding towns, like amber collars and colorful textiles, and also the most delicious dishes of regional cuisine. Enjoy a bowl of Chipilin soup, Cochito horneado (baked pork), and different kinds of tamales. To cool down, why not having some pozol? It's a tasty thirst quencher that comes from a traditional recipe, made with corn, cacao and water. Tuxtla Gutierrez is definitely an excellent choice to start your expedition into the Maya World.


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